—— Small and medium audio system solution expert ——

Several foreign sales representatives

Job Responsibilities:

1. Implement the company's trading business, implement trade procedures, and develop the market;

2. Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotations, participating in business negotiations, and signing contracts;

3. Responsible for production tracking, delivery, and on-site supervision;

4. Responsible for document review, customs declaration, settlement, after-sales service, etc.

5. Customer expansion and maintenance;

6. Organizing and archiving business related materials;

7. Report on related business work.


1. College degree or above, major in international trade, business English, and logistics management;

2. More than 1 year of business experience in the trade field or experience in foreign companies is preferred;

3. Familiar with trade operation procedures and related laws and regulations, and have professional knowledge in the trade field;

4. Have a high level of English, a good level of computer operation, and a relevant trade operation certificate such as customs declaration certificate is preferred;

5, with good business development capabilities and business negotiation skills, strong public relations awareness, with a strong sense of professionalism, teamwork and independent ability, courage to open up and innovation.

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